Raw and unedited…

You can now hear the REAL version of our latest podcast.

I am red-faced with embarrassment; painfully aware that I have granted listeners an unplanned glimpse behind the curtain of professionalism.

At 6.30 on Monday morning, I uploaded our latest podcast entitled “Disowning My Own Work”. It’s an episode that was weeks in the scripting and an episode of which I am very proud. Only that’s not the version listeners got to hear.

It was early; I was only semi-conscious; and I was packing my bags for a two-day trip to the JCB World Headquarters. And I unwittingly uploaded the raw and unedited version, complete with coughs, splutters and fluffed lines.

Bizarrely, even though it was our second most popular episode to date and despite the fact that the five free and signed books I was offering were snapped up in about an hour, no-one saw fit to mention the fact that I sounded like a man at death’s door throughout.

Fresh back from JCB and the REAL version is now available. If you heard the original splutter-filled version, you’ll be pleased to know that this one is (a) shorter and (b) less phlegm-filled. If you haven’t already heard it, now is the time. Just hit the play button below.

And my apologies for the assault on your collective ear drums.