Demolition 2051 – Glimpse of a possible future…

A new book from DemolitionNews predicts a human-free demolition industry of the future.

“…imagine a world in which man has been removed entirely from demolition sites; a world in which Zero Harm is not just a reality, but the industry norm…”

Demolition 2051 is a new book from DemolitionNews founder Mark Anthony. The book envisages an idealised demolition world of the future in which man has been eradicated from front line demolition; a future in which accidents have been consigned to the history books; but a world in which some still hanker for a mechanised past.

Although it is a work of fiction, the book is rooted in reality. Many of the machines, concepts and processes described either exist already or are likely to come in the next few years.

Despite its futuristic tone, the book is a very human story. Its main protagonist – Bruce – is a third generation demolition man who still longs for the machines and methods he learned from his father and grandfather.

The book is available exclusively through the Amazon book store. UK residents can order a copy here, while those in the US can orders theirs here. Alternatively, just search Amazon for Demolition 2051.