Video – Maltese chimneys fall at the double…

High reach topples pair of power station chimneys.

The last two of the Marsa Power Station’s five chimneys were demolished this morning, Enemalta said in a statement.

The chimneys were among the few remaining structures of the 1953 Marsa Power Station, which was put on cold standby in 2015 and fully disconnected from the national electricity network to be demolished earlier this year. The site is expected to be completely cleared in the beginning of 2018.

The first structure demolished, a 42-metre concrete chimney, was built in 1970. It formed part of the first extension of the Marsa B Power Station, which included two HFO-fired boilers and two 30-megawatt turbines.

The second chimney that was pulled down on Thursday was part of the 1986 Unit 8, the largest electricity generator of the Marsa Power Station, which was switched off for the last time in February 2015. This Unit included a dual-fuel (HFO/coal) boiler and a 60-megawatt steam turbine, which was brought to Malta from a power station in Little Barford, Bedfordshire, England.

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