Sydney stadium to be demolished, rebuilt…

Arena that hosted 2000 Olympic Games set to be reborn.

It is the stadium made famous by Cathy Freeman and the remarkable “river of fire” opening ceremony. But Sydney’s ANZ Stadium is set to be demolished and rebuilt as part of a $1.3 billion project just 17 years after it hosted the Sydney Olumpics back in 2000.

The state government voted on Thursday in favour of the controversial decision, local media outlets reported, citing government sources.

The government has long planned to redesign the stadium to better suit the local sports played there, but critics say the project will waste money.

The plan was first floated in 2015 by the New South Wales government, and lawmakers have bitterly debated over it for months.

It will see the ANZ Stadium, which is what the Olympic venue is currently known as, rebuilt in 2019 as a 75,000-seat stadium, possibly with a retractable roof.

Reports said it will be a “true rectangular” stadium, which would better suit popular local sports including rugby league and football.

Completed in 1999 for the following year’s Summer Olympics, the stadium can currently be configured as a rectangle or an oval, allowing it to cater to a variety of sports and music performances.

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