Video – Demolition TV Special…

A fond farewell to the Boleyn Ground, the grand old lady of London’s East End.

With the enormous help of Rye Demolition – we have created a Demolition TV special on the impending demolition of the Boleyn Ground, former home of West Ham United (incidentally, the greatest team in all of Christendom).

As a lifelong West Ham fan, this is a very personal film for me. My dad took me to the Boleyn when I was about eight years old. I took my children there. Like thousands of others, I spent some of my happiest (and sad, frustrating and mind-numbingly bored) hours there. And soon it will be gone.

This film – hopefully – captures what the ground means (meant) to me and to other West Ham fans.

I’ll warn you now, this first film contains NO demolition (although we are hoping to go back once the demolition begins in earnest). So if you’re here purely for demolition or if you have no interest in football (that’s soccer to our American friends) then this film is not for you.

If, however, you are a football/sports fan or if there is a building that holds a special place in your heart, then please spare us eight minutes. I believe this is the best film we have made to date, and we sincerely hope you like it.