End is nigh for Avondale stack…

Blast planned for tomorrow.

The Avondale Mills smokestack in Pell City will be demolished next week.

The structure will come down tomorrow at 9 am local time. About 70 pounds of explosives will be used to demolish the final remains of Avondale Mills. During the Pell City City Council meeting on Nov. 9, the council approved the demolition, arriving at the decision after examination of the property revealed disintegration of the smokestack.

In 2008, a report suggested upkeep on the structure would involve a costly process of lengthy repairs and periodic observation. Surveyors estimated it would cost more than $250,000 to fully repair the structure.

The explosion from the demolition will not be major, nor is it expected to cause any damage to the mill property or surrounding properties. The explosion itself is considered to be less than a third of the strength needed to cause any damage to surrounding areas.

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