Finnish bridge collapse…

Overpass collapses onto road that had remained open.

It is just a few short hours since the European Demolition Association bandwagon rolled into Helsinki to deliver its message of best practice and cross-continent unity to the good folks of Finland. What better time for the great god of irony to conspire to drop a demolished bridge onto the open road below?

The Viitostiellä Mikkelissä collapsed after a few seemingly innocuous hydraulic hammer blows to the bridge deck caused a domino effect that felled both sections of the bridge.

A video (and we are currently trying to locate an embeddable version) captures the moment the bridge falls and then sweeps around to highlight the ensuing traffic chaos.

Thankfully, no-one was injured in the incident. But, once again, this raises the question of why roads are being kept open while bridge and overpass demolition is taking place over head.

Click here to view the video.