Deja vu Cat…

Haven’t we seen that Dem-Master high reach somewhere before…?

Dem-Mater Cat“It’s the Circle of Life,” a great philosopher once wrote. “And it moves us all.” And in the Circle of Life, the collapse of one company merely helps nourish another.

And that’s certainly the case with this familiar-looking Cat 345C high reach demolition machine currently working for the Dem-Master cause.

But just a few short months ago, this machine was sporting Masterton colours. When Masterton went to the great plant yard in the sky, this machine was sold at auction.

Prior to the collapse of Masterton, the 67 tonne machine was given a full Caterpillar makeover with new hoses all round. Now, with a sparkly new paint job, it is equipped with an MP300 multiprocessor and looks every inch the Dem-Master machine.

Enormous thanks to lensman extraordinaire David Pollock of Scottish Photography Productions for bringing this to our attention and for providing the photo (above).