Demolition order on new $100 million hotel…

Road width furore leads to demolition of new hotel.

The Supreme Administrative Court has ordered the demolition of a high-rise hotel in Bangkok’s Soi Ruamrudee, after a six-year dispute between residents, city authorities and the developers.

In a ruling read out at the Administrative Court, the Bangkok governor and the chief of Pathumwan district were instructed to oversee the demolition of the Aetas Bangkok Hotel within 60 days.

The Supreme Administrative Court has upheld an earlier ruling that the Aetas Bangkok Hotel in Soi Ruamrudee was illegally built and should be demolished within 60 days. Kosol Nakachol

At issue here was the width of the public road next to the Complex. In order for the Complex to be built the law required that the public road be at least ten meters wide.

The Complex’s owner argued that it complied with all legal requirements for the construction. And, with regard to the road width, the owner cited a document issued by the Public Works Department, which among other details, opined that the width of the road adjacent to the complex would allow for the construction of Complex’s high-rise buildings.

However, after residents living nearby the Complex filed an administrative court case claiming that the Complex construction was unlawful, the Public Works Department re-measured the road and found it to be less than the required ten meters in width.

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