Video – Latest inductee to 40-watt club

We’re starting to believe there’s more than one born every minute.

There’s just so much wrong here I scarcely know where to begin.

First off, from the opening frame, the impending disaster is clear for all – other than the dingbat wielding the sledgehammer – to see. Secondly, rather than stepping in and pointing out the patently obvious “if you remove the bottom of that wall, the top is likely to land on you”, his colleague decides for the far more amusing “you carry on and I’ll film it from a safe distance” strategy so common in the YouTube age.

Perhaps most remarkable of all is that, just before the inevitable does happen, an entire wall appears be defying gravity, balanced on a wafer of blockwork just a few millimetres wide.

All that aside, our 40-Watt Club just gained another member.