Video – There’s high vis’ and then there’s this…

Stay safe in low light AND look like a character from Tron!

Every once in a while, a new product comes across our desk that makes us just go YES! And the VizLite personal protective equipment from Elite GSS Ltd is just one such product.

The patented, dual reflective garments combine two technologies, retro-reflectivity and photoluminescence. Retro Reflective tape returns light to its source. Photoluminescence crystals absorb UV energy that is emitted as a light source in low light or zero light conditions.

Unlike current PPE Garment and old alternative materials Dual Technology delivers a unique extra layer of visibility and safety to a Hi-Visibility garment, giving the wearer 3 levels of protection –Fluorescence, Reflectivity and Phosphorescence. Certified to meet global standards for Hi-Visibility clothing, EN ISO 20471: 2013 and ANSI 107:2010, Dual Technology can be easily incorporated into existing ranges of certified clothing without any major changes to technical files. These unique and innovative garments are by far the most superior PPE garments on the market to date, far better than old inadequate materials and without the need of any sort of re-chargable battery pack.

Elite Viz-Lite PPE garments use both UV and artificial light, they can be fully charged with only 15-20 minutes of exposure to light and will continue to glow for up to eight hours.

And if all the scientific talk hasn’t convinced you, check out this video: