While my guitar gently weeps…

Gibson Guitar smokestack to come down…just not yet.

Demolition of the old Gibson Guitar factory smokestack on Kalamazoo’s North Side is being planned, but will not start immediately.

The new owner of the Kalamazoo Enterprise Center building, 225 Parsons St., needs to properly complete a demolition permit with the city of Kalamazoo before the project moves forward, a city official said.

“There is an application for a demolition permit,” Robert McNutt, a building official with the city of Kalamazoo, said Monday. “It is not complete.”

He said a demolition team arrived on the scene Monday morning, and McNutt spoke with a representative there. That company, Melching Demolition and Dismantling, of Nunica, and Midwest Realty Corp., which manages the property, had not properly filed a demolition permit on behalf of property owner PlazaCorp Realty Advisors Inc.

McNutt said it would take a minimum of two days for his office to review such a project. He said he needs to make sure the demolition work is done according to Michigan building codes and city ordinances; that any public or private property is protected; and that the project is done in a safe manner.

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