Product – Personalised travel mug…

Your face, your machine, your logo on a personalised travel mug.

Travel MugEver since the TV series Friends introduced the watching world to the giant cup of coffee, no meeting, commute or stroll down the road has been complete without a bucket of caffeine. But wouldn’t it be great if you could have your face ON your coffee cup while you have your face IN your coffee cup?

Well now you can. Our merchandising partners have cooked up a personalised travel mug that allows you to put a photo of yourself, your machine, your children, dog, cat or aardvark (we have readers in Africa y’know) on your drinking vessel of choice.

We got Fabrication by Design’s Rich Holt to pose for the one shown here. But, handsome though he is, this one is NOT for sale. But if you can come up with a good quality photo and a £20 note, you can have one just like it – Just click here for details.

Please note – This offer is available ONLY to UK readers.