Video – JCB uses power of intelligence…

JCB unveils intelligent hybrid generator that could save demolition companies thousands.

JCB Power Products has developed the world’s first Inteli-Hybrid generator, to meet a range of off-grid power requirements from construction sites, telecoms, agriculture, mining and event hire. Generators are specified to meet the peak load requirement of an application, yet off-grid sites often face significant changes in load requirement throughout the day, leading to inefficient running of the generator and excessive fuel use.

Based on JCB’s market-leading QS generators, the Intelli-Hybrid has a series of high capacity, deep cycle battery cells are stored in the base of the unit. These batteries are charged by the generator during periods of higher load, when the engine is running at its most efficient output. During periods of low load, the engine can be stopped and the batteries continue to supply the power, increasing efficiency much like an automotive Stop/Start system, reducing fuel consumption and cutting emissions.

You can learn more about the JCB Intelli-Hybrid generator here or view the exclsuive video below: