Aldi accused over demolition dust…

Locals complain as cars are covered in dust and hit by debris.

Aldi supermarket has offered to pay for a car to be cleaned after it was covered in dust and debris during the demolition of the former Chronicle & Echo building in Northampton.

The supermarket chain has begun demolition work on the site of the former newspaper building in the Upper Mounts to make way for a proposed new Aldi store.

During some of the demolition work on Monday, a car parked in a nearby private car park was covered in dust and debris.

Leah Toman, who lives in Overstone Road, said: “They are demolishing the old building which is right next to house in Overstone Road. Aldi has organised work without informing anybody.

“Lovely dust damage. Glass and bricks where cars should be parked but luckily people are at work. Disgusting.”

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