Video – New Jersey worker killed…

Man crushed as former Blockbuster video store collapses.

A worker was killed Friday at a demolition site on Route 38 when part of a former Blockbuster video store collapsed.

“Our units got here within a couple minutes and found one person buried underneath some rubble. That patient is deceased,” said Cherry Hill Fire Director Patrick Kelly. Kelly says the building was about 98 percent demolished at this point.

“They were working on taking the last part of this building down when the collapse occurred. We don’t know how or why it occurred,” says Kelly.

The victim was covered all but his feet when responders arrived and he had no vital signs. His name is being withheld until family is notified. The name of the demolition company is also being withheld.

A heavy equipment operator working at the scene was transported to Kennedy Hospital in Cherry Hill after complaining of chest pain.

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