Grimsby skyline set to change…

Six tower blocks face axe.

The Grimsby skyline could be changed forever under proposals to demolish six iconic high-rise blocks and two blocks of maisonettes in the East Marsh.

Residents and staff were informed of Shoreline Housing Partnership’s plans yesterday, as a consultation period got underway, allowing all interested parties to have their say before a decision is made in September.

If approved, a total of 638 homes – and an estimated 700 people – would be affected.

Tony Bramley, the chief executive of the housing charity, said: “Put simply, the cost of keeping the blocks is significantly more than the cost of removing them – we can’t justify spending millions on aging and unpopular stock that could be better spent improving our accommodation, providing future services and investing in new developments – and we therefore propose it is in the long-term interest of Shoreline and our tenants to demolish them.”

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