Video – Tough as nails grapple…

New video from Northerntrack puts NTSG10-HD grab in the spotlight.

Regardless of the fact that it is 100 percent true, it is a tired cliche that demolition equipment needs to be tough. But nowhere is that strength and durability more important than at the sharp end where attachments are expected to grind against concrete and steel and still come back for more.

Enter stage left the NTSG10-HD heavy duty selector grapple from the team at Northerntrack. If this grapple was a schoolboy, it would steal your lunch money and kiss your girlfriend just for a laugh. If this grapple was a politician, it would be a bare-chested, bear wrestling Vladimir Putin; a man who looks like he would willingly fight the West single-handed just to prove a point.

Don’t be fooled by the distinctive colour scheme; if you want a limp-wristed, girly grapple that smells vaguely of flowers and cries at Lassie movies, this is not the attachment for you.