Video – Collapse summons unwelcome memories…

Latest Philly collapse suggests that lessons are yet to be learned.

Investigators from OSHA will be at demolition site in the Old City section of Philadelphia after a building, under demolition, collapsed on Thursday. Demolition had been going on for more than a week and, on Thursday, workers were taking apart the roof when the building gave way.

The incident will have triggered memories of the unplanned collapse in Philadelphia less than a year ago in which six people tragically perished.

Witnesses say the demolition crew had been preventing traffic from going down 3rd Street, but they say pedestrians had been walking in the street right next to the fence that was crushed by the collapse.

At a news conference on Thursday, L&I Commissioner Carlton Williams said the project was a permitted demolition. The property was inspected on January 24th, Williams said, and it was declared dangerous.

That’s when the owners were told to demolish the property.

Williams said L&I had inspectors on site every day during the demolition.

“On Saturday we actually got a call from the fire department who was concerned about the appearance. We went out and we actually moved the pedestrian walkway,” said Williams. “We’ve been this project from the time it started and we’ve been staying on it ever since.”

“We took every safety precaution in accordance with the mayor’s executive order and the new demolition legislation to ensure pedestrian safety,” said Williams.

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