Man found dead outside disputed building…

Man at centre of demolition controversy found dead.

As the fight to tear down the run down Glass Bank Building in Cocoa Beach continues, the man holding up demolition was mysteriously found dead outside the building.

Frank Wolfe, 82, was found dead Wednesday afternoon near the building’s garage.

Cocoa Beach Police aren’t releasing any details about the cause of death and say there are no suspects and are calling it a death investigation, not a murder.

Wolfe lived in the top suite of this building for several years and was in a long legal dispute with the majority owner of the building, the Glass Bank Condominium Association.

The two sides argued for years over who was responsible for repairs to this building.

Wolfe’s death comes just one day after a court of appeals ruling was released ordering him to pay the Glass Bank Condominium Association millions of dollars for repairs or allow the building to be foreclosed on and demolished.

The city commission agreed to demolish the building for the condo association. Under the agreement the owners will then have three years to pay the city back for the cost of tearing the building down.

The one hold up was Wolfe, who didn’t go along with the city agreement.

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