Debris remains two years after botched blast…

Exactly 24 months on and stack remains where it came to rest.

It is two years to the day since we reported on the Ohio smoke stack implosion that went awry, leaving thousands without electricity as the falling chimney tore down 12,500 volt overhead power lines.

At the time, explosives contractor AED laid the blame for the misdirected descent upon an unseen crack in the stack that had caused it to fall in the wrong direction.

But precisely two years on, the resulting pile of rubble still sits where the smokestack for the Ohio Edison Mad River Power Plant fell.

No one was hurt in the accident, but it left about 4,000 people without power for several hours and did an unknown amount of damage to the company’s property. A company investigation into the accident is still ongoing, said Mark Durbin, spokesman for Ohio Edison.

“It’s still in discussion, believe it or not,” Durbin said. “There has been no definite decision.” Durbin said that the two-year wait was a normal part of the company’s internal investigative process. There is the potential for legal action against the demolition company, he said.

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