Video – Philips building in Eindhoven fights to the last…

Wrecking ball and crawler crane tackling what explosives failed to budge.

Regular readers will recall that back at the beginning of September we brought you a pair of videos on the problematic demolition of the former Philips building in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The first video showed how a particularly strong lift shaft had withstood the explosives used, remaining defiantly upright; the second showed a crawler crane and wrecking ball carrying on where the explosives left off.

Well, it seems that the building still isn’t quite ready to lie down and die, as this (overlong) video shows. There’s about nine and a half minutes of wrecking ball hitting concrete and then, at the 9:40 mark, the building decides to fight back one last time; striking the wrecking ball and dragging it to the ground, causing the crane to flail wildly.

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