Exclusive Report – IDE Autumn Seminar…

DemolitionNews attended last week’s Institute of Demolition Engineers seminar.

On paper, the idea of an Institute of Demolition Engineers seminar with no specific demolition content looked a little less than promising and was, perhaps, the reason that DemolitionNews was the only press outlet that saw fit to attend.

But, in truth, the focus upon all things waste was an accurate reflection of the direction in which the UK demolition industry is headed; and several of the presentations – hand-picked by IDE vice-president John Woodward – served as an early warning of the challenges (and, in some instances, threats) that will face the demolition sector in the coming months and years.

We have gathered together video and audio recordings of all but one of the key presentations (we’re hoping to follow up with the missing presentation shortly).

Wayne Bagnall – Audio Case Study of a project in which asbestos was inadvertently disturbed:

NFDC Chief Executive Howard Button – The NFDC Then & Now/Accedited Site Audit Scheme

Howard Button from Mark Anthony on Vimeo.

Keltbray technical director Dr Clifford Charles Burton on remediation of contaminated waste:

Dr Clifford Burton from Mark Anthony on Vimeo.

Barry Love, Environmental Law Chambers, on the definition of waste and “avoiding the waste tag”:

Mr Barry Love from Mark Anthony on Vimeo.