When crushers collide…

What happens when you use one crusher as a battering ram on another.

“…In the red corner, weighing in at an impressive 40 tonnes, the Powerscreen WARRIOR. And in the blue corner, weighing a measly 3.5 tonnes, the Dig A Crusher 900 crusher bucket…”

Word reaches us that a group of vandals broke into a Thames Valley C&D recycling site recently and decided to see which of the two crushers were the toughest: the old heavyweight; or the up and coming lightweight contender. Setting aside the Queensberry Rules, they used the Dig A Crusher as a battering ram against its much larger opponent.

On paper, this had all the makings of the most one-sided fight since Frank Bruno repeatedly head-butted Mike Tyson’s boxing gloves.

But anyone that is familiar with the story of David and Goliath or who has seen the movie 300 should know that size doesn’t always matter in these circumstances, as the following photo clearly illustrates.

Beaten and Bowed
Beaten and Bowed

The aptly-named Warrior lies beaten, reduced to so much mangled metal while the Dig A Crusher….
…well the Dig A Crusher isn’t in the photo because it’s actually back at work having required no repair or maintenance work!