Check out the Dig A Magnet…

Crusher bucket specialist Dig A Crusher has added a magnet to its growing range.

We have featured products from Dig A Crusher on these pages before. In fact, Dig A Crusher managing director Sean Heron was among the first to volunteer to be featured in a Demolition News audio podcast. But we do like to keep an eye on companies that are constantly innovating, either with new products or better ways to utilise existing products.

Take for example the company’s new Dig A Magnet, an electro-magnet retrofit attachment for the existing Dig A Crusher 900 crusher bucket, that facilitates efficient segregation of steel scrap from demolition waste stream, making it ideal for metal reclamation, separation and salvage applications.

Sean Heron has just added a new video of this product in action which you can view by clicking here. We’d love to know what you think.