The benefits and pitfalls of Photoshop…

A pair of photos sent to Demolition News highlight the benefits and pitfalls of Photoshop.

I am sure we’re all aware of the ability of the Photoshop software program to manipulate photos. If the tabloid media is to be believed, many of the supermodels that grace the cover Vogue are, in fact, spotty-faced individuals with wrinkles and cellulite. But thanks to the wizardry of Photoshop, they look utterly flawless. According to one industry insider, a certain un-named equipment has long since eschewed muddy demolition and construction sites for its brochure photography, preferring instead to photograph its equipment in a studio environment and adding the nasty mud later using Photoshop.

Used properly, Photoshop undoubtedly has the ability to accentuate, to make a good photo a truly great photo, as the shot above clearly illustrates.

However, in the wrong hands, it can make a perfectly ordinary and workmanlike photo appear to be the work of a seven year old child with a pot of glue and some scissors. Artistic types beware!

Oversized attachment anyone?
Oversized attachment anyone?