New Terex-Pegson crusher…

As oil prices have reached unprecedented levels in recent months, the fuel economy benefits of the Terex® Pegson X400S series have become a major purchase driver for those seeking the best value mobile jaw crusher. Terex Pegson is renowned for producing high performance jaw crushers that are suitable for quarries, recycling and contractors. The ground breaking Terex® Pegson X400S series are high performance, primary jaw crushing plants that are easy to set up, versatile and engineered for quarrying, demolition and mining applications that require high production capacities.
“The Terex® Pegson Direct Drive system in the X400S series has shown fuel cost to be lower than competitors time and again,” comments Paul Donnelly, General Manager of Blue Group, London. “With today’s high fuel prices, customers are very savvy to any fuel efficiency.”
These Terex® Pegson plants are fitted with a Direct Drive system to the chamber which gives proven fuel efficiency and substantial savings on running costs when compared to hydrostatically driven machines. In trials comparing the Terex® Pegson X400S with equivalent competitor machines, the X400S reduced fuel costs by up to 33%, and hydraulic oil costs by up to 96% – real and substantial savings for customers.
The comparison using July 2008 prices indicates that by using 22 litres per hour compared to 33 litres per hour of a typical hydrostatically driven jaw crusher, in a single year the Terex® Pegson X400S can save up to £16,500 – a huge financial saving of 33%.
When comparing hydraulic oil, even bigger savings can be made. The Terex® Pegson X400S needs its hydraulic oil changed every 2000 hours (400 litre tank) – typically competitors need their hydraulic oil changed every 250 hours (1333 litre tank). In a typical working year (July 2008 prices) that can save up to £14,764 – a potential 96% saving.