Finning throws down service gauntlet…

Finning has announced that it is to credit customer parts and service account to cover the cost of hiring or replacing a machine, if it is not repaired within 48 hours.

The UK Caterpillar has announced what it claims to be the biggest service and support shake up for excavator sales the industry has ever seen. Set to dramatically change and challenge the way the plant sector operates, the bold move to guarantee excavator uptime for new customer purchases from September 2008, is the first time ever a plant equipment supplier has made such a confident statement about its service and support offering.
The new ‘ Guaranteed uptime’ deal is aimed at increasing customer uptime for the Cat D-Series excavator range throughout the machines warranty period and covers the Cat 319D to Cat 329D models. As part of the deal, no matter where the location of the excavator, Finning’s nationwide support team, will assess the breakdown and either repair it within 48 hours, or credit the customers parts and service account with the fee to cover the cost of hiring a replacement machine.

Commenting on the new guaranteed uptime package, product marketing manager for Finning, Tim Ballard said:“ We are so confident with the performance of Caterpillar excavator range and our service support team, that we have taken this major step to put our money where our mouth is. We know especially with the effects of the credit crunch that, yes our customers want a great machine, but more importantly they want to make sure it is working as hard as it possibly can.”

“This is why as part of our ‘Support that works as hard as a Cat’ campaign, we have put together this package to show customers just how much we place a value on their uptime. With this new guarantee we will have an excavator back working onsite within 48 hours, beginning at the start of the working day after a breakdown call has been taken. If this is not possible, we will credit the customers parts and service account for the cost of a hired replacement, by doing this we are giving every customer an added value service that they know will save them money, time and stress.”

“With this deal we are taking the hammer to downtime and rewriting the rulebook, laying down a challenge to the rest of the industry to follow suit and support customers where they really need it, on the job and in the pocket.”

The guaranteed uptime applies to the Caterpillar range of Cat D-Series excavators including the impressive new Cat Smart20, the Cat 319D, Cat 324D, Cat 325D and Cat 329D. The guarantee applies throughout the machines warranty period, with the 48 hour period beginning at the start of the working day after a breakdown call is taken.

For more information on the new ‘Uptime Guarantee’ deal and the full Caterpillar equipment range from Finning visit