EXCLUSIVE – Blown foam interview…

In an exclusive video interview with Demolition News, CA Group Ltd commercial director Brian Watson reveals the true scale of the problem of foam panels that were produced with ozone-depleting CFCs and HCFCs.

EPA halts demolition…

Demolition of a former pottery factory in Chester is on hold because of health and environmental concerns. Full story here.

Earth Exchange membership surges

Construction materials and sustainability website, Earth Exchange, has reported a surge in membership and interest as construction companies seek to reduce the costs of site waste management and source more locally-produced recycled and sustainable materials. Alex Albon, operations director of Earth Exchange Limited says over 500 construction sites across the UK are operated by members…Read moreRead more

Hub-4 features NFDC waste returns…

UK-based magazine has highlighted the pioneering environmental achievements of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors members. The artcile can be viewed here.

Demolition with environmental benefits…?

All too often, the media portrays the demolition industry as a nasty, dirty business that wreaks havoc on the environment and local wildlife.   So it is pleasing to report that at least one US newspaper has had the good sense to dig a little deeper to find some true environmental benefits to the demolition of…Read moreRead more