Videos proving popular…

The videos here on Demolition News is among the site’s most popular content.

Following the positive feedback on the Red Rhino video posted last week, we have just checked the statistics and it appears that our exclusive videos are among the most popular items on

The most popular videos in order are:

No Quick Fix on Couplers (483 views)
Contaminated Concrete (398 views)
Volvo High Reach (341 views)

Barges reduce carbon footprint…

Barges used to remove C&D waste from a London site have reduced the project’s carbon footprint.

Online waste resource MRW is reporting that the Chambers Wharf project featured in the first-ever edition of Demolition News has used Thames barges to reduce its carbon footprint.

Read the full MRW story here or read a detailed report from Page 16 of Demolition News here.

Erith scores a hat-trick…

Leading UK demolition contractor Erith named in Sunday Times list…again!

Tony Darsey (right) picks up Erith\'s latest award
Tony Darsey (right) picks up Erith's latest award
It is easy to tell when Spring is approaching. There are buds on the trees, daffodils in the garden, and Erith has just picked up an award naming it one of the Best 100 Small Companies to Work For in the UK.

The company has now won this prestigious award, organised by the Sunday Times newspaper, for three consecutive years. In fact, the only thing that seems likely to prevent them winning it again next year is if they run out of space to store the award!!

Win a signed Rugby League World Cup shirt…

Demolition News sponsor Pirtek is offering the chance to win a signed RLWC shirt.

Our good friends over at hydraulic hose replacement specialists Pirtek are offering readers the opportunity to win a New Zealand rugby team shirt bearing the familiar Pirtek logo and signed by one of the World Cup winning players. There is a second prize of a Team Eurotech racing shirt and a third prize of a Team Eurotech polo shirt.

To enter, please visit and answer one simple question.

Good luck.

Exclusive video interview with new Red Rhino owner…

Simon Winfield has taken over Red Rhino; and Demolition News cameras were there first.

In an exclusive interview for, the new owner of Red Rhino reveals his hopes and aspirations for the compact crusher brand.

Armac puts the lights out…

Armac uses Cat high reach machines on lighting factory demolition

For demolition specialist Armac Group, turning the lights off took on a whole new meaning, when it was awarded a six month contract to demolish an old GE lighting factory next to the A10 in Enfield, London.

Following video courtesy of Finning TV:

Already at the halfway point of the project February saw the start of its most challenging phase, to demolish the seven storey high main GE lighting office building. Located just a few metres from the busy A10 main road connecting Enfield to Jct 25 of the M25, demolishing the main office structure required a very delicate approach, which involved the supply of a specialist 40 metre Ultra High Demolition Rig boom attachment by Caterpillar dealer Finning, for Armac’s Cat 385.
For a high resolution image please click on the image (left) or paste the URL at the base of this email into your web browser

Delivered to site by Finning on 3rd February the ultra high boom was assembled in its three parts onsite. Secured to the end of the ultra high boom was a Caterpillar MP20 work tool capable of delivering 3000kN force.

Complete with cab protection and tilting operator cabin function for greater visibility, the Cat 385 has been joined on-site by Armac Group’s Cat 345 high reach demolition specification excavator with MP15 concrete cutter jaws work tool. Working together across the building from corner to corner in a controlled demolition process, the Cat 385 and Cat 345 excavators ensure the building is taken down safely piece by piece.
With the Cat 385 concentrating its 40 metre reach on the top three floors of the 7 storey structure, the Cat 345 with its 26 metre reach is able to work the lower floors in sequence. With dust suppression equipment used to control any dust falling from the building to prevent it from landing on passing vehicles, the two Caterpillar excavators will be working more than 100 hours to complete the demolition of the main building.

For a high resolution image please click on the image (right) or paste the URL at the base of this email into your web browser
Commenting on the project and the use of its new Cat 385 UHD on-site, Adrian Mclean operations director said: “Because the main office structure was positioned so close to the extremely busy A10, as part of our assessment process, we recognised that we would not be able to use more conventional methods of demolition, due to the risk of falling debris hitting a passing car.

“In order to safely take down the building, we needed to use an excavator with a boom reach of 40 metres. We were therefore faced with a height dilemma as our Cat 345 with high reach boom we already had could only reach up to 26 metres. Recognising we had a 12 metre shortfall, we approached Finning to see if they could source a Cat 385 UHD model. Given the tight programme time constraints of the project, we had to rely on Finning to source and turn around delivery of the machine in order for us to stay on course to deliver the site to our customer.

“Not only did they achieve this, they were also able to assist us with putting the new boom together and realigning the machine, fitting new hydraulic pipes and testing the performance before we put it into action.

“Even though we were able to turn this process around, we did not rush back into the job, as we wanted to make sure our operator had enough time to get to grips with the control and safe movement of the Cat 385 with the new boom. This operator adjustment phase is particularly important, as even though we are fortunate enough to have a very skilled team, when you are used to operating a machine with a 26 metre boom and are then asked to operate a different machine with a 40 metre boom, it takes some getting used to. One of the main challenges for example is simply looking to the end of a longer boom as everything is that much further away!

“After we successfully completed this process we were able to attach the MP20 work tool and put the machine in to action. By the end of February we expect the Cat 385 and Cat 345 to be well into the job as they are working really well together.”

With the site itself measuring some 8 acres Armac Group is also using one of its Cat 320 excavators with various attachments to assist in the demolition of other lower lying buildings and the processing of demolition waste. With the demolition phase due for completion at the end of February the site will then start its rebirth housing a Premier Hotel, Toyota Car dealership and Yellow Box Storage facilities.

Keltbray demands discount…

UK demolition giant demands supplier discounts.

UK trade magazine Construction News is reporting that Keltbray has sent a letter to suppliers asking for a 10 per cent discount on all invoices dated from 1 March onwards.

The demolition and civil engineering contractor says that firms who do not support the measure may face “repercussions on future trading with Keltbray”.

Read the full story here.

SED not keen on criticism…

Negative comments removed from Contract Journal forums

Regular readers will recall that I recently posted an article called “6 reasons why SED 2009 might suck“. As a continuation of this theme, I made my thoughts clear on the forums run by Contract Journal which, coincidentally, is owned by Reed Business Information which also owns the SED show.

After a bit of good-natured to-ing and fro-ing, my posts were edited and then removed altogether due to what was described as “spamming”..

I have, therefore, asked for my profile to be removed from the Contract Journal forum and will be concentrating my efforts on a website where free speech is not just allowed by actively encouraged.

Demolition of Californian food store…

New video showing demolition of a derelict food store in California

We have added the following video because it shows the demolition of a derelict food store from the angle of the local authority, property owner and Dunn Company, the demolition company responsible.

However, we can’t help thinking that this contract could have been just as easily completed with a large sneeze instead of two excavators, such is the condition of the structure.

The Detonators – Online NOW…

Discovery Channel offers online previews of The Detonators

The Discovery Channel has placed some good pieces of its series “The Detonators” online. Unfortunately, due to copyright, we’re unable to embed these videos here but you can view them at very high quality using the links below:

Detonating Cord
Concrete under tension
Power Plant Chimney
How to drop a bridge