Exclusive Podcast – Bad Vibrations…

Demolition News discusses the impact of Hand Arm and Whole Body vibration.

Huw Kellett

Whole Body and Hand Arm vibration are a constant cause for concern on demolition sites across the globe. Indeed, the Health and Safety Executive’s decision to prohibit operators from being on board mobile crushers while they’re in operation, and the NFDC’s subsequent guidance notes which echoed this line, was prompted as much by concerns over vibration as it was by concerns over more obvious hazards such as operatives falling into the crushing chamber.

In this exclusive Demolition Podcast Network broadcast, we spoke to Huw Kellet, head of occupational hygiene at Riverside Environmental Services and an expert in the field of Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration.

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Bad Vibrations Podcast

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Demolition News AudioBoo…

Demolition News is now using AudioBoo to deliver up-to-the-minute audio updates.

It is a truly terrible name for what is, in fact, a superb product. AudioBoo, for the uninitiated, is an audio blogging system that allows iPhone users (and yes, we’re among the priveleged few) to record and broadcast short (maximum three minute) audio messages for broadcast on the Internet.

While we’re obviously planning to maintain our output of longer, more in-depth podcasts, we feel that this is an excellent way to provide you – our readers and listeners – with as-it-happens audio from key events such as next week’s European Demolition Association conference in Nice.

We have recorded a brief, introductory welcome message which you can hear by clicking here but please watch this space for future “Boos” (and apologies once again for this hideous product name.

New NFDC president profiled…

David Darsey, National Federation of Demolition Contractors president, profiled in D&Ri.

David Darsey
David Darsey
D&Ri’s Lindsay Gale has wasted no time in securing an exclusive interview with newly-elected NFDC president, David Darsey.

In a revealing interview, Darsey reveals his concerns about the current state of the UK demolition industry but also reflects upon the importance of training and occupational health during the current downturn.

Equally telling is his comment that his presidency is the culmination of a 10 year journey, during which he has been supported by his brothers, fellow directors and staff at Erith Group.

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Exclusive Audio Podcast – Occupational Health…

Interview with Nichola Elvy, founder and managing director of Building Health Ltd.

Nichola Elvy
Nichola Elvy
Having made huge strides to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on its sites, the demolition industry is now turning its attention to the issue of occupational health and site welfare.

And that move could not be more timely.

An increasing number of major contractors, utilities companies and transport organisations are now insisting upon health screening and monitoring as part of thir pre-qualification and tendering process.
Against this background, we spoke to Nichola Elvy, occupational health nurse and former HSE inspector and the founder/managing director of the award-winning occupational health consultancy, Building Health.

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Occupational Health Podcast

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FREE training consultation…

C&D Consultancy is offering a FREE, no-obligation demolition training audit.

Midlands-based C&D Consultancy has announced that it is to offer a free, no-obligation consultation with its training co-ordinator to help clients develop a training plan for their employees. This free “audit” will also include advice about specific courses, the latest legislative requirements, and relevant CSCS/CPCS card schemes.

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Lawson lands The Orb…

UK demolition contractor wins contract at The Orb Steelworks in Newport.

Lawson Demolition has been chosen to undertake a demolition project at the site of the Orb Steelworks in Newport. The old steelworks, which was once a central part of Newport’s industry, is due to be given a new lease of life as part of a development by Taylor Wimpey South Wales; the first stage of which is the demolition of the current buildings, due to commence at the end of June 2009. The demolition, which is due to continue through to October 2009, is the initial part of the plans by Taylor Wimpey to redevelop the site.

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If you can’t get enough Cat…

Caterpillar announces the launch of its first “retail lifestyle” store.

There was a time, not so long ago, when a person could show their love for their Caterpillar equipment with a simple, understated baseball cap sporting the US giant’s familiar three-letter logo. But then came the worldwide explosion in the popularity of Caterpillar boots and the earthmoving-fashion landscape was changed forever.

But, in a bizarre twist, this is set to continue with the opening of a “lifestyle retail store” in the Dubai Mall.

Given the fact that Dubai, currently the world’s largest construction site, is today the home away from home for Premiership footballers and their “WAGs” (wives and girlfriends), expect to see Caterpillar workwear gracing the terraces of Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford and Upton Park very soon.

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Project Profile Podcast – Southport Gasholder…

In our first Project Profile podcast, we look at the deconstruction of a gasholder near Liverpool.

The use of an 80+ metre crawler crane to dismantle an MAN gasholder in Southport near Liverpool has attracted considerable media interest. However, as our first-ever Project Profile podcast highlights, the use of the crawler crane was hampered by high winds and the CDC Demolition team were forced to adapt and overcome to keep the high profile project on schedule.

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Project Profile Podcast

Jardine Takes Bobcats…

Edinburgh-based demolition contractor invests heavily in Bobcat equipment.

A C Jardine Demolitions Limited has purchased new Bobcat compact loaders and excavators from Motherwell-based George Colliar Ltd trading as Bobcat Strathclyde, to meet the specific requirements of demolition and refurbishment contracts in Edinburgh, Scotland’s historic capital city.

Cunningham Thomson, the owner of A C Jardine Demolitions, said: “Our purchases followed an exhaustive investigation of the equipment available on the market. The Bobcat equipment was chosen for the high quality of engineering involved, along with the robustness of the machinery; which are definite requirements for our industry, together with the wide variety of specialist tools available. They also meet our goal of increasing the mechanisation of demolition work inside buildings or in confined spaces to meet health and safety requirements for our staff and to improve the efficiency of operations.”

“Big Skeleton” is no more…

A controlled implosion has removed an unfinished hotel eyesore from the Palermo coastline.

One of Italy’s most notorious eyesores, a huge unfinished hotel complex on a Ligurian island, disappeared Friday after decades of campaigning by environmentalists.

Some 50 kg of explosives was used to bring down the seven-floor building, known as the Scheletrone (‘big skeleton’), overlooking a beach on the island of Palmaria, which forms part of the region’s Cinque Terre UNESCO World Heritage Site.

See the final moments of the “big skeleton” below or click here for the full story.