Another high reach accident…

Just over two years ago, when I helped the National Federation of DemolitionContractors launch their guidance on the safe use of high reach excavators, I stated that “thankfully, there has never been a fatality that could be directly attributed to a high reach machine”.

Watching this video (and the numerous others that are widely available on the Internet), I cannot help but wonder how long this wil be the case.

Demolishing misconceptions

The US’ National Demolition Association has addressed 10 of the most popular demolition misconceptions including “demolition is a dangerous business” and, my personal favourite, “demolition contractors blow buildings up”.
Personally, I’d have included “demolition always involves bulldozers” but that’s just a personal gripe.
You can read the full 10-point list here.

High Reach accident…

I wouldn’t claim to be a demolition expert and neither am I in any way psychic. But even I spotted the outcome of this six minute video after just 22 seconds.

I just wish I knew the name of the operator – I’d love to mail him a copy of the NFDC’s High Reach Guidance Notes.

A blast from the past…

For anyone that still hankers for the days or crawler cranes and wrecking balls, this video is just for you. It features the demolition of Nottingham’s Victoria railway station and was shot during the 1960s.

Ripped from cine film, it runs like a silent movie. But if you are a demolition veteran, this will give you a welcome reminder of the “good ol’ days”. And if you’re a young upstart, it will prove once and for all that you have never had it so good.

Red Rhino seminar a crushing success…

Compact crusher manufacturer Red Rhino recently hosted a seminar on the increasingly important subject of construction and demolition waste, with a number of guest speakers in attendance.

Details of the seminar can be found here.

Manual Handling Awareness…

Long-time friend of Demolition News, C&D Consultancy, has news of a new Manual Handling Awareness course that is scheduled to take place on 10 September.

For further information and booking details, please click here.

National Geographic implosion series…

The world-famous National Geographic Channel has recently completed a new series called “Blowdowns” and the first of these is scheduled to air soon.

Details of when these programmes will air around the world can be found here.

Historic building mistakenly demolished…

A property developer has mistakenly demolished an historic building in New Jersey.

Quite how such a thing happens is beyond me but you can read all about it here.

Demolition company fined after electrocution…

A UK-based demolition company has been fined £15,000 ($27,000 approx.) after an electrician was seriously injured on site.

Further details can be found here:

Sylentmite expanding compound…

Expanding compound supplier Sylentmite put on an impressive demonstration/presentation during the recent NFDC 2008 Annual Convention. For anyone that missed the demonstration, this video gives an indication of the power of the product.