Lynch takes over NFDC hot seat

John Lynch has been sworn in as the new president of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors.

Lynch’s appointment was confirmed at the NFDC AGM that was held in London on Friday last week. He is pictured (right) with newly-elected NFDC 2nd vice president Simon Barlow of Rye Group.

The NFDC AGM also marked the beginning of the transition of power from incumbent Federation CEO Howard Button to his replacement Duncan Rudall who is expected to take up the role in June of this year.

I have made no secret of my admiration for John Lynch and his ambition to bring the NFDC kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. (You can check out my previous interview with him here). The Federation must also have considerable faith in Lynch as it allowed him to leap-frog the current vide president to take up the role two years early.

However, Lynch faces a tough challenge. News of the extent of the fines handed down to NFDC members caught in the “demolition cartel” investigation broke just as he received the chains of office. He also takes over the hot seat at a time when the UK demolition industry is under enormous threat and constant scrutiny from environmental lobbyists who believe that demolition should be effectively outlawed to protect the embodied carbon contained within the nation’s building stock.

That is for another day. For now, the National Federation of Demolition Contractors has a new figurehead with a proven track record of selflessness.

DemolitionNews wishes John Lynch and Simon Barlow every success in their new roles.