Calling upon the Home Secretary

DemolitionNews has written to Home Secretary Suella Braverman to press her to consider a public inquiry over the failure of an investigation into the Didcot Disaster to deliver any meaningful results over an agonising seven year period.

The letter to Suella Braverman reads:

On 23 February 2016, the boiler house at the Didcot A Power Station collapsed during demolition, killing four men.

The seventh anniversary has just passed and yet the investigation remains ongoing with Thames Valley Police and the Health and Safety Executive.

Four families have had no explanation nor closure; and the demolition industry has received no feedback on the precise cause of the collapse. This lack of information is putting other lives at risk.

Can I please ask you to launch a public inquiry into why Thames Valley Police has been dragging its heels for seven years.

Given that Braverman is currently struggling to find a safe constituency seat to retain her position in parliament, the fact that the subject of Brexit refuses to leaver er desk, and the fact that migrants are still arriving illegally on UK shores in their droves under her watch, I do not expect a positive or even timely response.

However, as last week’s commemorative LiveStream proved, the families of those four men are suffering torment to this day; and frustration and anger among demolition professionals remains as strong today as it was the day of the collapse.

We will keep you posted.