Turning point for the NFDC…?

It has been the worst-kept secret in demolition circles for several weeks now but the news is now official: When the NFDC presidency of William Crooks comes to an end in March 2023, John Lynch of Newline Midlands Ltd will take up the chains of office.

In a statement to its membership, the National Federation of Demolition Contractors has said:

“Following agreement between the Vice-President, Gary Bishop, and 2nd Vice-President, John Lynch, National Council have ratified the following changes to the incoming President position for the 2023-25 term.

These changes are effective from the NFDC AGM on Friday 24th March 2023:

John Lynch will progress from the position of 2nd Vice-President to President of the NFDC.

Gary Bishop will remain in place as Vice-President.”

Lynch’s “leapfrogging” of Bishop to take up the presidency will be greeted as a long overdue breath of fresh air for the NFDC.
Lynch is seen as a no-nonsense reformer while Gary Bishop found himself at the centre of a poison pen letter campaign to oust him back at the beginning of last year.