Working for the Greater Good

DemolitionNews forges alliance with UK Demolition Jobs to help industry.

The world’s largest news portal for the global demolition industry is joining forces with the UK’s leading demolition recruitment website to help demolition workers find work and to help demolition companies find suitable workers in these difficult times.

The alliance is a continuation of DemolitionNews’ initiative to help newly and long-term unemployed workers back into gainful employment within the industry; and it plays to the strengths of both partner companies. Demolition workers seeking work via will be matched against the UK Demolition Jobs database of positions vacant. Any demolition companies seeking workers through will be directed to UK Demolition Jobs. Furthermore, those vacant positions will also be featured on

“DemolitionNews has the biggest audience and the biggest reach in the industry while UK Demolition Jobs has the infrastructure to marry vacant positions with willing workers,” explains DemolitionNews founder, Mark Anthony. “Importantly, the new alliance is entirely altruistic. Through no fault of its own, the UK demolition sector finds itself facing a huge amount of uncertainty and that uncertainty is likely to lead to demolition men and women seeking alternative employment. Rather than trying to exploit that situation for financial gain, our new alliance will simply draw upon the existing strengths of both companies, providing demolition workers with ready access to available work while providing demolition contractors with a cost-effective means by which to advertise their vacant positions.”

Continuing that altruistic theme, Anthony says that no money will change hands under this new alliance. “Now, perhaps more than ever, this should not be about money,” he says. “There are many demolition men and women out there that are facing an uncertain future in the run-up to Christmas. If this alliance can help just one of them find a suitable role, then that will be reward in itself.”