Parting of the ways…

Splitting from our publishing partners.

It is with a heavy heart and more than a little regret that I must announce that – with immediate effect – DemolitionNews and the Demolition magazine has parted company with Chambers Media, its publishing partner of some three years.

Chambers Media played a key role in establishing the Demolition magazine as the world’s biggest and most widely-read publication within the demolition sector.

However, in recent months, it has become clear that the ambitions of the two parties lay in very different directions; a fact that was exacerbated and polarised by the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown.

Both and the Demolition magazine will continue to pursue its editorial and opinion-led coverage of the industry together with its world-leading social media and video strategy.

Furthermore, the familiar DemolitionNews, Demolition magazine and Diggers and Dozers brand will return to our full control and will remain unchanged
We sincerely hope that this split will remain amicable and wish Chambers Media every success in their solo pursuits.