Shannon update…

Positive news emerges on young woman hurt in demolition accident.

It is just over a month since 20-year old Shannon Brasier was critically injured in an incident on a demolition site in Southend. At the time of the accident, she was said to be fighting for her life due to the extent and severity of her injuries that are thought to have been caused when she was apparently struck by a machine.

However, we spoke to one of her friends – and one of those responsible for the ongoing fundraising for Shannon’s family – and the prognosis is much improved.

“Shannon is still in hospital but she’s doing so well. About 10 days ago, she had major facial surgery to fix all the breaks in her face, repair her badly cut lip and her septum but in time she will need plastic surgery. Her eye is damaged, she’s having to wear an eye patch and at the moment there is still a lot of pressure behind the eye. On Wednesday, she had more facial surgery to take all the wires out from her jaw, so she looks like she’s been in the wars again,” her friend says. “The doctors have said she is actually a miracle and they really didn’t expect her to live but she has done extremely well.. She’s been up walking and has physiotherapy twice a day. Yesterday she managed to walk up a few stairs. She can’t close one of her hands yet but hopefully in time she will. She is such a strong girl and she’s accepted what’s happened to her really bravely. She can’t wait to come home now, maybe a couple more weeks if there are no more setbacks.”

The fundraiser established to help Shannon and her family originally aimed to raise £1,000 but – at the time of writing – it now stands at £4,730.

I don’t know about you but I hate uneven numbers. So I am calling upon all demolition men and women to help get the figure up to £5,000.

You can donate here.