Big names share Scottish spoils…

Scottish framework demonstrates local loyalty.

Twenty-three Scottish SMEs are set to benefit from an £18 million a year contract to offer demolition and deconstruction services to all local authorities and housing associations.

The Scotland Excel framework is the second-generation framework for demolition designed to help councils deliver planned demolitions and deconstruction as part of regeneration and improvement work. The improved framework, with sustainability at its core went live on 1 August and has been redesigned to include deconstruction. Viewed as more environmentally focused, materials from deconstruction are more likely to be reused in future construction projects.

Quick response to dangerous structures, including bridges or monuments with emergency demolitions or safeguarding with a three hour or less response time has also been built into the framework after detailed research and discussion with contracting authorities.

Twenty-five UK SME suppliers have been awarded onto the framework, with suppliers committed to recycling up to 95 percent of materials. The Scottish Government’s declared climate emergency was a key element when the redesign of the framework was taking place.

Every supplier on the framework pays the Real Living Wage, which was a significant consideration for Scotland Excel when evaluating the bids.

The framework will also help councils source planned demolitions via mini competitions that will allow them to drive competitive pricing and tailored work packages through the framework.

The new framework is also good for local business with 23 of the 25 based in Scotland. These include Central Demolition, Reigart and Safedem. (A full list can be found here)

“The renewal of our Demolition and Deconstruction Works contract comes at an important time for Scotland’s construction sector. Several of our members have indicated that affordable house building will be one of their priorities as we move out of Covid-19 lockdown and this framework will support them to clear vital land to build new vibrant communities. Our demolition contract is the only national framework of its kind to offer demolition and deconstruction services to all 32 councils. It will give them the tools to quickly and efficiently source work from specialist contractors that have gone through a detailed tender process. As well as securing the competitive rates – additional value can be driven through mini competitions for planned works that will ensure councils get competitive prices, quick turnaround, and tailored work packages to meet the specific needs of each scheduled demolition programme,” says Councillor John Shaw, Convener of Scotland Excel. “I welcome the renewal of this national framework. It will help Scottish councils get the best value for money when responding to emergency situations where dangerous buildings have to be demolished quickly, and in driving forward improvement programmes for communities where scheduled demolitions are needed. It will bring value for money, has sustainability at its core and is good for business.”