Excavator falls off trailer…

Hitachi EX1200 in Brown and Mason colours toppled during transportation.

A local newspaper in the Midlands is reporting that a large machine has fallen from a trailer after it hit a traffic light at a roundabout in Stafford.

The machine is sporting Brown and Mason stickers and appears to be the company’s Hitachi EX1200 machine.

The machine was left hanging off the side of the vehicle at around 12.40 pm yesterday on the A34 Queensway roundabout, near the junction of the A518.

A crane will be needed to lift the machinery, Staffordshire Police said.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “We received a call from the ambulance service to reports of a lorry which had shed its load on the roundabout. Fire and rescue were sent to the scene to help but left because of the weight of the machinery. The machinery had hit a traffic light, so the traffic light is also out.”

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