DemolitionNews – Radio Silence explained…

If you’re wondering what happened to your weekly newsletter, please read on.

Some of you might have noticed that your Monday morning did not begin the with usual bleep signalling the arrival of your weekly This Week in Demolition email newsletter. And while a good many of you are probably thankful that this constant intrusion did not wake you from you well-earned slumbers, we feel that we owe you an explanation.

Unfortunately, DemolitionNews editor Mark Anthony is once again wrestling with a troublesome appendix which – while greatly reduced in size – remains stubbornly and determinedly painful.

In 2015, the appendix burst putting Mark in hospital for almost three weeks. Within a few months, the damage caused by the implosion caused him to succumb to a dose of septicaemia resulting in another stay in hospital. In 2016, he had most of the remaining appendix removed during a planned surgery. However, later that same year, he contracted peritonitis once again; an outcome so unusual (and this is 100% serious) it was used in a medical case study!

In the middle of last year, he managed to get an abcess on the remaining stump of appendix for another two weeks in hospital hooked up to a drain.

And now, it appears that the problem has reignited yet again. And while he has not been admitted to hospital this time (yet) he is very much out of action at present and has instead dictated this from his sick bed.

He says he hopes to be back in action very soon (although the doctor clearly thinks otherwise) and apologises for the enforced radio silence.