In the Pink…

The all-new “real men wear pink” edition of the Demolition magazine is available NOW.

The brand new edition of the Demolition magazine is available to read RIGHT NOW in electronic form. The paper edition is at the printer and will be hitting doormats with a mighty thud very soon.

Even setting aside the striking choice of front cover colour, the new edition is a real stand-out. There’s an exclusive interview with David Clarke at CDC, now part of the TRU7 Group. This is followed by an article called Money Talks in which we discuss the dawning of a new age of super demolition firms. By way of a change, we look at why it pays to spend a little more on your site boots in a story called Paying for Protection. In our extended security feature, we look at the growing issue of fraud – The changing face of crime. And for all you equipment lovers out there, we bring you our report on the new JCB X Series of excavators which we were lucky enough to be the first to see just a few weeks ago.

But you don’t need us to guide you through this mighty magazine – Just have a browse and a read below.