UK Power issues electricity warning…

Demolition man injured whilst forcing open low-voltage circuit breaker cubicle.

UK Power Networks has issued a stark warning on the dangers of electrical flashover following an incident in which an unnamed demolition worker was severely injured.

According to the UK Power Networks learning points bulletin, a worker forced open the door to a low-voltage circuit breaker cubicle using a metal crowbar. The crowbar went across the terminals of the three phase service, causing a flashover that severely burnt the man and set fire to the building.

The factory on the site was redundant but the 11,00 volt substation and low voltage service on site were live. No request to disconnect the substation and electricity service was made by the property owner when the factory closed down.

The demolition contractor had requested and had been provided a quotation to disconnect the substation and low voltage service but had not accepted the terms of the agreement and had not paid for the work to be undertaken.

According to UK Power Networks, the man received life-changing burns to his face and hands.

The unnamed demolition company for which he was working is currently under investigation by the HSE for breaches of health and safety legislation.