Packed with purple prose…

The all-new and truly enormous Demolition magazine is HERE!

I will readily admit that, to an editor or journalist, magazines are like our babies. We nurture them and care for them and, all things being equal, we watch them grow and blossom. And oh boy has our baby blossomed.

The Demolition magazine – which, let us not forget, was started purely out of a frustration with the incumbent industry magazines and their narrow and biased focus – has evolved to become a true shining light.

And the latest issue – all 110 purple-hued pages of it – shines brighter than all that have gone before it.

This issue is RAMMED with industry content, and really is a must-read for anyone within the global demolition industry.

The paper copy will be dropping like a safe onto the doormats of subscribers very soon. But why wait when there is an electronic edition just waiting to caress your retinas and stimulate your brain.

You can check it out below: