Costello in dust-up…

Demolition firm slapped with fine over clean-up of Chicopee Uniroyal site.

A demolition company in eastern Massachusetts has been fined $10,000 by state environmental watchdogs for flouting asbestos clean-up standards at the former Uniroyal site.

According to a statement released by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), it fined Costello Dismantling Company, Inc., of West Wareham, after inspectors spotted “excessive” clouds of dust emanating from the demolition site. The state agency issued a permit for the firm to demolish two buildings that contained inaccessible asbestos-containing material. But there were certain controls linked to the permit, which included preventing the the release of visible dust emissions, the statement read.

The agency found the firm had not used enough water to mitigate the dust clouds.

“The demolition work was immediately shut down until additional water hoses and water misters were employed to control future dust emissions,” the statement read, noting that the instances in question occurred in August 2015.

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