Did contractor follow plan in tragic contract…?

Mayor questions whether contractor followed its own demolition plan.

Bonney Lake Mayor Neil Johnson said it appears to him that Highway 410 overpass contractors didn’t follow their own detailed demolition plan, when a long piece of concrete barrier fell and killed a young family in a pickup below.

The accident, at 10:30 a.m. Monday, happened at the same time project managers and city staff were in a routine weekly meeting in city offices, to preview upcoming tasks, he said.

“What was indicated to us is that demolition wasn’t going to happen for another week or two,” Johnson said Wednesday.

Instead, Johnson said, the city understood that contractors would do other jobs this week, such as installing conduit for utility lines.

If the city had known barrier demolition was imminent, there at least would have been a “pre-meeting” to review the plan and safety measures, he said.

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