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Dustcontrol launches Toolobox Talks to reduce dust threat.

Dust ToolboxFollowing a recent surge in dust awareness enquiries, Dustcontrol UK has launched ‘Toolbox Talks’, during which the Dustcontrol team can instruct attendees on dust related best practice and operational procedure.

James Miller, Dustcontrol UK’s General Manager, commented: “We’ve seen a real increase in interest surrounding dust extraction over the past few months. Large firms have been approaching us, asking for advice on best practice when it comes to dust extraction. The number of employees that require educating is often sizeable, so we’ve developed a format that’s specifically targeted at imparting the necessary information to as many employees as possible in an efficient and meaningful manner.”

The Toolbox Talks will see a member of the Dustcontrol UK team visit construction sites and other workplaces that are adversely affected by harmful dusts. During talks spread across the day to maximise their impact and accessibility, the team will then advise site workers on best practice, tailoring guidance to meet specific site requirements. The aim of the day is to reinforce awareness of the hazards that dusts such as crystalline silica can pose, as well as demonstrating the most efficient and safe use of dust control equipment.

James said: “Whilst general awareness of the dangers of hazardous dust is growing, it’s still not sufficiently widespread. Recent reports from the HSE relating to construction site safety have demonstrated that safety failings are common across sites all over the country. These assessments, whilst looking at all elements of health and safety, also indicated that dust regulations weren’t being met and that sites were found wanting.”

He continued: “The demonstration days help to educate the entire workforce of a site, not just management, which will enable failings and weaknesses to be picked up on quickly, allowing them to be rectified swiftly.”

Dustcontrol UK, based in Milton Keynes (UK head office), has developed a series of mobile dust extractors and air cleaners specifically designed to help those working on construction projects to capture dust at its source. The products provide a cleaner working environment and create a more efficient production process, whilst also helping to combat the adverse health effects caused by hazardous dusts. The Toolbox Talks aim to instruct construction firms on how to properly operate the machinery, whilst also recommending appropriate onsite dust safeguards.

Some of the Dustcontrol UK products that feature in the talks include its range of mobile dust extractors. This consists of the DC 1800, the DC 2900, the DC AirCube 500, and the DC AirCube 2000, which are specifically designed for onsite mobile dust extraction.

The DC 1800 and the DC 2900 have been designed to work with handheld power tools and small table saws. Lightweight and portable, they’re powerful enough for source extraction and are also potent and effective vacuum cleaners, eliminating the need for sweeping.

The AirCube models are used in conjunction with on-tool extraction to prevent dust migration. They are designed to separate fine and hazardous dusts, such as silica dust, which is commonly found on construction sites in materials such as concrete, brick, grout, mortar and drywall compound.

All four products use HEPA H13 filters, unlike most other products, which only use M class filters. The use of H13 filters guarantees that the products remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometres from the air that passes through; meaning air exhausted from the products is the cleanest it can be.

James Miller concluded: “Dust is often regarded as little more than a nuisance, but more and more firms are beginning to understand that this isn’t the case. Our Toolbox Talk demonstration days can help to educate the entire workforce, ensuring that there’s no weak link in the chain when it comes to dust related onsite safety.”