Video Exclusive – Having a blast with new app…

World Demolition Contractor of the Year gets technical with iPad app.

A few weeks back, we raised a question about why, when there’s an iPhone or iPad app for just about everything, there’s virtually nothing (aside from a few games) for demolition folk.

Within seconds, we received a recommendation on an app that has been developed for the explosive fraternity; and within minutes, the team that developed the Blaster’s App had sent us a copy to review.

But in the same way that a demolition contractor would probably be a poor test candidate for a new typewriter, we didn’t feel equipped to fully test the capabilities of the Blaster’s App.

Instead, we gave it to William Sinclair of Safedem, former World Explosive Demolition Contractor of the Year and current (and two-time) World Demolition Contractor of the Year. And, having put the app through its paces in a demolition environment, we put Sinclair in front of our video crew to share his findings in this exclusive film: