The Break Fast Show #110

In today’s show: A new national demolition framework has been unveiled (link to the scheduled webinar can be found here); launched; shear delight as Italmek presses the IP18 attachment into action; construction equipment sales are riding high; and we have the official film of last week’s Avonmouth blast. All that and more on The Break…Read moreRead more

Massive demolition framework announced…

Pagabo has issued a prior information notice (PIN) for a new £1.56 billion national demolition and land preparation framework. According to a report in The Construction Enquirer, the framework will run for four years and will allow local authorities and public sector bodies to procure a range of projects such as structure demolition, bulk earthworks,…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #109

In today’s show: Demolition victims of a legal logjam; construction set for two more years of growth; show your love of all things demolition (you can check out the DemolitionNews store here); and demolition by degrees at Nottingham Trent University. All that and more on The Break Fast Show.


I am not a big believer in conspiracy theories. I believe that 911 was the work of terrorists and not the US government. I believe that man really has walked upon the moon and that the lunar landing was not created by Stanley Kubrick in a secret film studio. I don’t believe there is a…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #106

In today’s show: Avonmouth braces for a big blast later today; today is also the day to get connected with Hitachi; if you’re a demolition contractor, Basildon Borough Council needs you. And why UK demolition contractors are Champions League level teams competing on a playing surface that is barely fit for a pub team. All…Read moreRead more

Champions League players on a Sunday League pitch

If you have been watching The Break Fast Show this week, you will know that I have been on something of a crusade over the scandalous amount of time it is taking to investigate and explain the Didcot Disaster that claimed the lives of four demolition men back in 2016. While I am still angry…Read moreRead more

The Break Fast Show #105

In today’s show: Another false dawn for the families of the Didcot 4; a building materials firm is hit with a HAVS fine; there is a call for a demolition contractor to flex its muscles in Perth; and we ask what is louder – a social media influencer or a hydraulic breaker. And the answer…Read moreRead more

Comment – The wait goes on at Didcot

Yesterday’s pre-inquest hearing on the investigation into the Didcot Disaster proved to be yet another false dawn for the families of the four men killed at the Didcot A Power Station back in February 2016. It also means that the global demolition industry must continue to wait to learn the true cause of the boiler…Read moreRead more

The Weekend Wrap #15

A UK demolition man has been shot to death; Volvo goes straight in support of the demolition industry; a new Liebherr ADT makes landfall here in the UK; and we bid a sad farewell to Ron Callan, one of the demolition industry’s good guys. All that and more, on The Weekend Wrap.

The Break Fast Show #102

In today’s show: A UK demolition man has been shot dead; INMALO goes mobile in the fight against site dust; Hitachi shares some autonomous secrets; and, in a new segment, we check out who is buying new equipment All that and much more besides, on The Break Fast Show.