French flair, Coventry convenience…

Arden Equipment sets up shop in the UK.

French attachment manufacturer Arden Equipment recently opened a dedicated facility in Coventry to better serve customers here in the UK.

And, as ever, DemolitionNews was the first on the case.

The Break Fast Show #78

In today’s show: Federation of Master Builders is the latest to raise concerns over the impact of materials shortages; there’s TWO new demolition opportunities in Manchester; CDI fells three Stateside stacks in spectacular fashion; and we welcome on board our latest show sponsor, Miller GroundBreaking. And why gagging orders are generally a bad idea.

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The Weekend Wrap #10

Nine people killed in a demolition accident in South Korea; big blasts in Staffordshire and Shetland; materials shortages threaten to undermine the current construction boom; and a breath of fresh air from Manitou.

All that and more, in The Weekend Wrap.

The Break Fast Show #77

In today’s show: Speculation surrounds Gwangju accident that killed nine people; the MP for Didcot has responded to our call for an end to the HSE investigation into the power station collapse that killed four; A breath of fresh air from Manitou; and McGee keeps on trucking with new city-friendly Scanias.

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Change at the top of AR Demolition…

Senior managers at AR Demolition have completed a change of ownership of the company. The change comes as part of planned rebuild following periods of turbulent growth. New managing director Mike Henderson and finance director Matt Munro, with founder and CEO Richard Dolman, will lead AR Demolition forward as a joint partnership.

The establishment of the new triumvirate at the multi award-winning business comes in the wake of disappointing results in 2018/19, before an upturn in performance during 2020.

Henderson has worked in the construction industry for 18 years and joined the company as part of the senior management team in late 2016. He said that the exceptional growth of the company to date had not been matched by the necessary development of the business and consideration of management structure.

“Since I joined AR Demolition we have had a number of challenges regarding management of the business,” he said. “The company has grown exponentially several times, based on Richard’s talent and reputation, but we’ve not looked after the growth as well as we might have done.
That’s culminated in a disappointing year in 2018/19 and, in December 2019, just before Christmas, Rich, Matt and I sat around a table and we realised we were at a point of reckoning where the management of the company needed a change in direction, which ultimately led to a change in ownership. Since then we’ve set out a plan to return the business to its core values. We’ve now steadied the ship and managed to put in the building blocks for the future removing management tiers and appointing additional technical competence where necessary. Further down the line, we will look to maximise the value of our services and branch into other areas. But we’re never going to chase turnover if it means compromising quality – otherwise we risk disappointing our customers and demotivating our staff. For now, between Richard, Matt and me we bring all the necessary skills to the table. We’re a formidable team and we’re ready to take the business to the next level.

Munro, who joined the business in 2017, said: “It is a privilege to be a part of this partnership with Richard and Mike. I feel our team dynamic is incredibly exciting and will unlock a world of future opportunities. There is still a lot of work to do to get to where we are aiming, but our progress so far, particularly through a pandemic, is testament to the skills and resilience that the three of us bring to the table. The business has always had a lot to offer, great people and a great reputation, we’ll be using this as a launchpad to firmly carve out our place in the marketplace.”

AR Demolition was founded in 2007 by Richard Dolman and Andrew Thompson, who will continue his involvement with the family of businesses as the managing director of the newly rebranded, Leicester-based aggregates recycling firm Aggrecycle.

“Our story over the past few years demonstrates the difficulties that growing small businesses can have in terms of effective management of that growth. Everyone who’s worked for the company over the years has wanted what’s best for our business, our customers and the people we employ. But sometimes definitions of success differ. So it’s good to be working in a small team of directors who share the same values and aims, with two people in Matt and Mike who I trust to make the necessary decisions to ensure the future prosperity and success of the business. We have an exciting opportunity at AR Demolition – a reputation to be proud of, a growing list of satisfied customers and an important role to play in an industry which is modernising its way through challenging times for all construction businesses,” says Rchard Dolman. “The company’s in good hands and is well set for the coming years.”

Investigation underway in Gwangju…

Rumours suggest demolition workers had evacuated before fatal collapse.

Police have launched an investigation into the building collapse in Gwangju that left nine people dead. They have also conducted a forensic examination of the scene in a bid to uncover the exact cause of the collapse.

The five-story building collapsed during demolition yesterday, leaving nine people dead and eight others seriously injured. Those injured, who were mostly in their 60s and 70s, were taken to nearby hospitals. The 17 victims included the driver and passengers of a bus that was at a bus stop in front of the building at the time of the collapse.

“Our investigation will focus on whether the construction workers had been abiding by safety rules when demolishing the building and whether the demolition was being carried out in accordance with due procedures,” a police officer said.

But with the investigation barely underway, public anger is growing. Police believe demolition workers may have evacuated the site minutes before the collapse after detecting some signs of instability.

Furthermore, HDC Hyundai Development Company, the contractor responsible for the redevelopment project, had not asked the local government in Gwangju to move the bus stop temporarily to a safer location during the demolition process.

The Break Fast Show #76

In a break from our usual lighthearted fare, today’s show is dedicated entirely to the South Korea building collapse that has claimed the lives of at least nine people.

The show contains dash-cam footage of the moment a five-storey building falls onto a bus.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Korean collapse kills nine

At least nine people have been killed and eight injured when a five-storey building collapsed suddenly today while undergoing demolition in South Korea.

The building collapsed as it was being demolished in Gwangju, some 270 kilometers of southwest of capital Seoul, officials at the Gwangju Fire and Safety Headquarters said.

Gwangju Fire and Safety Headquarters officials said the fire station had received the report of the collapse, which buried a bus that was near the construction site.

As of 8:25 p.m. local time, a total of 17 people were affected by the accident, said fire station officials, including nine who were confirmed dead and eight who were seriously injured and taken to hospitals.

(photo credit: REUTERS)

The Break Fast Show #75

In today’s show: The UK construction sector will require 217,000 extra workers in the next four years; the Construction Industry Training Board faces a legal battle over the sale of its CPCS card scheme; and Kobelco unveils a new offering in the 20 tonne excavator class.

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Rig brought crashing down…

Veolia blows legs off UK’s industrial past.

Veolia has carried out the successful collapse of the Ninian North oil platform. The explosive event took place at the Dales Voe decommissioning facility in Shetland that is operated by Veolia and Peterson.

Built in Scotland in 1978, the Ninian platform is a 14,200 tonne steel structure that was delivered on eight legs each around 30 metres high. The structure arrived at Dales Voe back in August last year, and the Veolia decommissioning team has since decontaminated the structure.

The explosive demolition – which was assisted by PDC – was designed to reduce the height of the structure to allow it to be demolished safely by excavator.

Veolia is expecting to recycle as much as 97 percent of the structure during a demolition phase that is expected to last several months.