Demolition Daily #40

Our guest on today’s episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream is Richard Dolman of AR Demolition; the soon-to-be president of the Institute of Demolition Engineers.

In a fascinating interview, we look at how AR Demolition has managed to keep some sites open during the OVID-19 lockdown; we touch on the need for innovation; and how we attract young people into the industry.

During the show, I mention Peter Haddock’s excellent interview with Chris Matthew of Flannery Plant Hire. You can hear that episode here.

I also mention the Medium article – Demolition Debunked – You can read that here.

Demolition Daily #39

To mark the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, the latest episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream features Danny Kearney of ProSafe Consultants; a vocal advocate for mental wellbeing.

We look at how the industry requires action to accompany the awareness, discuss whether there is room for kindness in business; and ask how we retain the kindness and gratitude we have shown to NHS workers when the COVID-19 crisis is finally over.

Demolition Daily #38

In the latest episode of the Demolition Daily LiveStream, we speak to Rupert Craven of auction giant Ritchie Bros.

We look at the demolition taking lace at their auction facility at the former Maltby Colliery, the company’s switch to online sales in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the support that Ritchie Bros is providing to equipment sellers and to the Lighthouse Club charity at this time.

Towers toppled amidst secrecy…

Timing of blast kept quiet to avoid attracting crowds.

Two cooling towers at the site of a former nuclear plant in south-western Germany have been demolished with a series of spectacular explosions.

The timing of the demolition at the Philippsburg power plant near Karlsruhe was kept secret in fear of potential crowds gathering amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The plant’s two reactors were shut down in 2011 and 2019 as part of Germany’s efforts to transition from nuclear power.

Demolition Daily #37

Today’s guest on the Demolition Daily LiveStream is Keith Sleightholm of e-learning pioneer ProTrainings.

While some in the training sphere have attempted to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic, ProTrainings reacted by offering a free training course on the subject. During the lockdown, the company has developed a virtual training programme that allows trainer and trainee to interact online for greater learning engagement.

Worker killed in Chattanooga collapse…

Incident claims life of demolition worker.

James Lance, 51, was killed Tuesday morning, when a structure collapsed while being demolished.

At approximately 11:07 a.m., Chattanooga Police along with Chattanooga Fire were dispatched to 1200 Judd Road on a report of a structure collapse. Police and fire personnel located Lance and confirmed him to be deceased and they secured the scene.

Investigators with the Violent Crimes Bureau responded to conduct an investigation as is standard procedure.

According to local newspaper reports, Lance was actively engaged in the demolition of the structure when it collapsed.

Read more here.

Demolition Daily #36

The main part of today’s Demolition Daily LiveStream is devoted to a discussion with Leo Scott Smith of Lincolnshire-based technology company Tended. In the space of just eight weeks, Leo and his team has designed, developed and delivered a wearable wristband that alerts the wearer when they are closer than two metres from a work colleague to ensure that they abide by social distancing rules. The data from those wristbands is also fed back to a central dashboard for monitoring and management.

You can find out more about these wristbands here or you can watch the video below:

Demolition Daily #35

Face mask fallout and concerns over a desensitisation to construction and demolition deaths make up the lion’s share of todays show.

If you’re not outraged at the thought of a demolition-branded face mask, you can get your own here.

Video – CDC battles Army & Navy…

Essex Highways video captures epic battle between CDC and flyover.

After being a feature of Chelmsford’s skyline for more than 40 years, works to remove the flyover over the Army and Navy Roundabout were completed in April 2020.

Work started in February 2020 with the steel and concrete flyover taken down section by section before being transported away for dismantling and recycling. All 15 of the structure’s spans were removed overnight to minimise traffic disruption, while the two ramps were broken up and removed during the day time to avoid excessive noise at night.

McGee switches to employee ownership…

London contractor transitions to employee ownership.

Multi-faceted London contractor McGee announced today that it has become employee owned through an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

Founded in 1959, the second generation McGee brothers have grown the capability, size and reputation of the business, making it synonymous with delivering world-class engineering solutions, either as standalone disciplines or as part of a high-value integrated offering. To date, it has worked on a number of London’s flagship infrastructure projects including: Wembley Stadium, Heathrow Airport T2B, Battersea Power Station, the Londoner Hotel and the award-winning, iceberg basement for Claridges Hotel.

Over its 61 years of operation, the business has consistently enjoyed the support of its highly skilled and very loyal employees. Recognising that contribution has long been a core value of McGee’s, which is one of the reasons why transitioning to Employee Ownership is seen as a natural next step in its journey.

Chairman, Brian McGee, says, “For us, it’s a move designed to secure the future of the business, continue the legacy that our father started in 1959 and reward the people who have made the business the success it is today – its employees”. The McGee family will continue to actively support the business in its next chapter, and (Third Generation) Tom McGee will join the Board of McGee Group (Holdings) Ltd as part of this commitment.

Seb Fossey, Managing Director, comments, “The decision by the McGee brothers to transition ownership of the business to the Group’s employees via an EOT underscores the respect for the contribution our people have made to the McGee business.

In doing this, the McGee brothers have created a clear platform for genuine alignment between all of our new ‘employee owners’ that will further reinforce our culture of delivering upon our commitments to clients, and stands us in good stead as we drive to achieve our strategic goals. Undoubtedly, at this time of crisis in the industry, our transition to Employee Ownership will serve as fuel for our business and will help enable us to emerge stronger.”

Clients will see no change in the mechanics of how the business functions as the same team remains in place, committed to our value based approach to delivering complex projects. They will however enjoy the benefits that come from working with an engaged and aligned business where everyone is fully motivated by our goal of delivering certainty.